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How we work

At SageSmith, we have spent over a decade honing our election administration software to meet the demands of the most complex election settings. We worked elbow-to-elbow with election administrators who use our software on a daily basis and have provided us with immediate feedback on what works well and what doesn't. We listened and refined.

Election software agility

Agile Team

SageSmith is an agile software development shop. We have seen significant benefits implementing agile development techniques which enhance visibility and openness and ensure that the most import requirements are addressed in their proper order. We are experienced in SCRUM methodology and tools which provide consistency and traceability.

Responsive Designs from Responsive People

We build web applications with responsive design built in so election administrators, voters and poll workers can use any smart device to access election information.  Likewise, our agile development techniques permit us to be responsive to the ever-changing election landscape and your needs.

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