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Intelligent Solutions

Simplify Complexity

Election Software Intelligence

At SageSmith we simplify the complexity of election administration.

For over a decade we’ve automated hundreds of business functions for thousands of users benefiting millions of voters in the most complex election jurisdiction in the country, the five counties comprising the City of New York.

From election calendar generation to election certification our systems manage, allocate and assign the people, assets and processes that make a successful election happen.

Election Intelligence, Hardwired

SageSmith advanced administration systems understand election rules and laws and your specific resourcing needs and can perform many complex assignment tasks to supplement your own, including:

  • Generating election events and milestones
  • Declaring contests
  • Generating ballots
  • Performing poll worker assignments
  • Allocating voting machines and other assets to poll sites
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Monitor Elections

It's Election Day, how's it going...really?

Election Day Tools

Having your finger on the pulse of Election Day activities is vital to running a successful election. SageSmith offers three tools that give you that ability.

Get InSite... gives you insight into poll site operations with the ability to:

  • Check in poll workers
  • Transmit results
  • Send message blasts by drill-down political district
  • Monitor voter wait time.

Respond... complete Election Day mobile ticketing application that works in "roving" or "dispatch" modes.

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S-Elect's on-premises Call Center application provides centralized election day reporting and dispatching features.

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Manage Resources

Advanced Management Tools

Advanced Election Management Tools

People, Places and Things

Whether it is managing people, securing places or keeping track of things SageSmith has the tool for you.


S-Elect's Poll Worker System keeps vital information on each of your poll workers, makes sure that they are:

  • trained
  • assigned to a poll site for work
  • properly paid for their efforts.


S-Elect's Facility Management System provides detailed information on poll sites, warehouses and other election facilities. Complete with Floor plans and ADA compliance metrics this an indispensable tool to manage vital site information.


S-Elect's Inventory Management System keeps track of assets, receipts of goods and transmittals. Its companion products and Election Bin Tracker generate delivery confirmations using handheld devices.

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Public Outreach

Extend your reach

Communicating with the public and giving them fast and accurate election information is a vital function of an election administration. Our systems make it easy to reach out with the handshake between our backoffice election administration systems and our ElectionHub Outreach spoke web apps.

Election Outreach

Voters... reaches out to voters telling them when and where to vote and displaying contests and ballot images in many different languages.

Applicants... allows applicants to:

  • apply for poll worker positions
  • sign up for classes online
  • get training and work notices from administrators.

ElectionDayWorker seamlessly integrates with
S-Elect's Poll Worker System

Third Parties... delivers current election data to third parties such as:

  • good government groups
  • colleges
  • vendors interested in accurate election data.
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Complete Results

Election Night, Canvassing to Certification

Election Results

From the Cloud:

Steps for complete results management:


S-Elect, the in-house web application, also features a comprehensive Results System for larger jurisdictions interested in hosting their own administration system.

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